We are pleased to present the catalogue of the 15th edition of the international Europan competition, edited by archigrest with Hubert Trammer. The theme of this edition was Productive Cities, urban reindustrialization and post-industrial areas. Every two years, the competition is organized simultaneously in dozens of European cities. In Warsaw, the competition participants tackled the area of Huta Warszawa (currently ArcelorMittal). Their task was to design a multifunctional urban district where industrial production could still occur alongside residential and recreational areas.

In the catalogue, you will find awarded and non-awarded projects and the competition jury’s opinions. Additionally, the publication provides a comprehensive retrospective of all previous Warsaw editions. The texts were authored by Marlena Happach, Karin Sandeck, Edward Koźmik, Monika Konrad, Alessandro delli Ponti, Hubert Trammer, and Maciej Kaufman, who also designed the publication’s graphics.

The catalogue marks the culmination of the comprehensive process of preparing and developing the Europan 15 competition entrusted to us by the City of Warsaw. As part of this collaboration, we have also prepared extensive guidelines for competition participants based on interviews with stakeholders, site visions, urban development studies, their editing, translation into English, and graphic design.

“Ecosystem of Huta. Europan 15 Warsaw”

ISBN: 978-83-950916-5-0

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